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Mastering the Fujifilm X100T and X100S

Peter Fauland

Mastering the Fujifilm X100T and X100S

SKU: 1032

132 pages | Soft Cover, 5.5 x 8.25 in.

ISBN: 978-1-937538-80-4

August 2015

Print and eBook Bundle: $34.95
Print Book: $24.95
eBook: $19.99

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The X100T is the third generation in Fujifilm’s popular, groundbreaking, and award-winning X100-series cameras. With its small size, powerful functionality, and classic rangefinder design, the X100 line has become the go-to camera for travel, snapshots, and street photography for amateurs and professionals alike. This book sets the X100T alongside its predecessor, the X100S, explaining everything you need to know to get the most out of these exceptional cameras.

    In Mastering the Fujifilm X100T and X100S, photographer Peter Fauland goes well beyond the camera manual to offer ambitious photographers both in-depth techniques and helpful tips on how to get the most out of their cameras. Fauland not only explains each camera’s functions and features, he provides practical advice for specific shooting situations—such as urban landscapes, “silent shooting,” and portraiture—using clear instructions along with example images.

    Included are discussions on new features such as:
    •The new hybrid viewfinder
    •The integrated ND filter
    •In-camera image editing
    •Effective use of flash
    •Using WiFi
    •Shooting video
    •Much, much more

    Intended for those who already have a basic understanding of photography fundamentals such as exposure and composition, this book gets X100T and X100S owners quickly up and running with their cameras, significantly shortening the learning curve on the path to creating great photographs. Even for seasoned amateurs, advanced enthusiasts, and semi-pros, there are sure to be many aha moments as Fauland reveals new tips, tricks, and techniques for using the X100T and X100S cameras.