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The Expert Test Manager

Rex Black, James L. Rommens, Leo Van Der Aalst

The Expert Test Manager

Guide to the ISTQB Expert Level Certification

SKU: 229

400 pages | Soft Cover, 7.5 X 9.25 in.

ISBN: 9781933952949

April 2017

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Print Book: $49.95
eBook: $39.99

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This book covers the ISTQB Expert Level Test Manager syllabus and is a complete, one-stop preparation guide for the reader who is otherwise qualified (based on experience as a test manager) to take the Expert Level Test Manager exam. Included are extensive hands-on exercises and sample exam questions that comply with ISTQB standards for Expert Level exams.

    The ISTQB certification program is the leading software tester certification program in the world. With more than 500,000 certificates issued and a global presence in 70 countries, you can be confident in the value and international stature that the ISTQB Expert Level certificate can offer you.

  • Table of Contents
    •  1. Test Missions, Policies, Strategies, and Goals
    •  2. Managing the Test Team
    •  3. Managing External Relationships
    •  4. Managing Across the Organization
    •  5. Project Management Essentials
    •  6. Test Project Evaluation and Reporting
    •  7. Testing Considerations for Domain and Project Factors
    •  8. Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Appendix A: The Expert Test Manager Exams
    • Appendix B: Answers and Explanations for Chapter Sample Questions Index