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Maternity Posing – Techniques to Flatter Everyone

Excerpt from The Photographer’s Guide to Posing by Lindsay Adler – coming soon!



MASTERING Your Craft: Maternity Posing

All Rules of Posing and Perspective Still Apply

Just because a pregnant subject may look wider, it does not mean that she wants to look heavier or without other feminine curves. You can still use all of the rules of posing, lens choice, and camera angle to bring out the best in your subject.


How to Reverse Engineer a Photograph

Excerpt from Photograph Like a Thief, by Glyn Dewis, coming in April!


Being able to look at pictures and reverse engineer, or break down, how they were lit is an incredibly useful skill. Determining how many light sources were used by examining the shadows, highlights, and catch lights and observing whether the light is soft or hard not only tests your knowledge and understanding of light, but also will help you to replicate looks and go on to create your own unique images.