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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Master these “Interesting” Filmmaking Terms

Many moons ago I managed a photo equipment rental facility in Chicago. Every time our company received a call from someone in Los Angeles or New York, we had a hard time understanding what exactly they needed. What we called a “spigot

Five Reasons to Try Street Photography

People have been practicing street photography for practically as long as there have been cameras and streets. Although its popularity has risen, fallen, and risen again over the decades, street photography has never disappeared completely. Some might say that with the rise of mirrorless

How to Position Food Photography Subjects

The most important aspect of food photo composition is positioning the main subject. Most beginners simply place the subject in the center of the frame and shoot. Unfortunately, the results often look more like a random snapshot than a planned

The Importance of FPV in Drone Photography

Photoshop Cafe’s Colin Smith, author of “The Photographer’s Guide to Drones” discusses the importance of FPV (first person view) in Drone Photography. FPV Means Seeing What the Camera is Seeing. Video games like Doom or Call of Duty are called