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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Time-Lapse Photography for the Nikon D750

Time-lapse photography is a cousin of Interval timer shooting (see previous chapter). The primary difference is that Time-lapse photography is designed to create a silent time-lapse movie obeying the Frame size/frame rate and Image area options configured earlier in this

Plant Your Photo Garden Now

  With Spring underway and warm weather on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about your next photo adventure. Think about the joy of exploring the mysteries and beauty of nature… in your own backyard. And now

8 Hot Photography Books for Summer

For us at Rocky Nook, May marks the unofficial start of summer. May is when cookouts become the norm, flip flops are acceptable, and day trips include beach chairs, sunscreen, and of course, a new book that you’ve had your

Film or Digital? Don’t Choose!

Photographers can be black and white about certain subjects. They make decisions about camera brands, post processing software, lenses… and that is that. One area where I think an exception is in order is with choosing between analog or digital.

Helper Light: Diffuser Techniques

This article is an excerpt from Picture Perfect Lighting by Roberto Valenzuela Diffusers are among the handiest of light modifiers. They are inexpensive and portable. In simple terms, diffusers break up the harsh directional rays of the sun into multiple

The Story Behind The Visual Palette

It didn’t hit me for a while. Not when I submitted the final chapter to my esteemed editor, Ted Waitt. Not when Jess Tiernan, Rocky Nook’s Marketing Manager, sent me my first physical copy. And not even when the book’s