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Monthly Archives: February 2016

10 Photography Books You Should Be Reading

Warmer weather is fast approaching and that means photography adventures, trips, and outdoor sessions are closer than you may think. To help you kick your photographic aspirations into high gear we’ve compiled a list of our top ten books you

Food Photography: Composing with Color

This tutorial was written and illustrated by Corinna Gisseman, author of “Food Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Appetizing Images” Food photos are usually in color, although to avoid distracting the viewer from the real subject, the colors themselves normally

One Way to Set Up Your Capture One Library

Asset management has become a strength of Capture One Pro. And if you’re coming to this app from Lightroom or Aperture, this article will help you set up a new home for your images. There are many ways to organize

My November 2015

Last fall Rocky Nook CEO Gerhard Rossbach gave 10 young refugees from Gambia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran the gift of photography. He gathered cameras through donations around Germany and gave them to a group of young people who had never photographed before, giving

Free eBook on Capture One Pro 9!

Switching from Lightroom or Aperture might seem a bit daunting at first, but we’ve created a handy, helpful guide that makes the transition just a bit easier. Inside Making the Move To Capture One Pro from Lightroom or Aperture you’ll discover:

Why Film Photography?

With film photography in particular, people often question why we’re using an “outdated” medium. Are we merely nostalgic? Or is it because being retro is trendy right now? There are many people who are curious about our film photography. Nowadays,