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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Free Lighting Download from Roberto Valenzuela

The third and last installment of Roberto Valenzuela’s Picture Perfect series is set to release in just five short weeks! We’re willing to bet you’re as excited as we are. If that’s the case, you probably can’t bear the thought of waiting over

Architectural Photography with the Fujifilm X100T/S

Meticulously composing an image to bring out the best in your subject can be very satisfying, and the Fujifilm X100T has a big, bright viewfinder that makes it all the more enjoyable. Even though architectural photographers place a premium on

The Film Project – Part 2

A lot has happened with The Film Project since I first wrote about it in December. My goal was to see if analog photography could help me improve my digital work. But what’s happened is that it’s reenergized my creativity

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Capture One

Those who don’t use Capture One Pro for their RAW/Jpeg workflow probably don’t realize how much it’s evolved over the last few generations. With version 9 just released, I thought this would be a good time to share a few

Don’t Forget to Explore

When traveling for business, as I am this week to cover CES, it’s easy to become consumed with the event itself. And why not? The responsibilities associated with one’s job have to be the first priority. Plus, there are plenty