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Monthly Archives: July 2015

How Scott Kelby Does It in Lightroom

Today Scott Kelby wrote a blog post about his new book, How Do I Do That In Lightroom?, which you can also read about here. We at Rocky Nook are thrilled to be publishing Scott’s newest work (it’s available now

Let Your Passion Fuel Your Creativity

I thrive on distance running. It clears my head. For exactly one hour of the day I pound the pavement, alone with my thoughts. It’s during these minutes of solitude that I’m able to fuel my brainstorming and critical thinking processes. Whenever I

Photographing the Aurora

From The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography By Glenn Randall Words cannot truly convey the awesome experience of watching the aurora swirl across the sky. The aurora can be seen most frequently in the auroral zones, doughnut-shaped

Meditative Photography

Becoming One With Your Surroundings Creates Evoking Photographs The recent phenomenon of mass accessibility to digital cameras has produced a generation that records everything, even the most benign moments. While this means that photographs have become a form of mass communication, it