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Wedding Storyteller

Roberto Valenzuela

Wedding Storyteller

Elevating the Approach to Photographing Wedding Stories

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288 pages | Soft Cover, 8 x 10 in.

ISBN: 9781681981864

July 2017

Print and eBook Bundle: $59.99
Print Book: $49.95
eBook: $39.99

Roberto Valenzuela’s Author Page

Coming Soon! This book has not yet published.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Photographer and bestselling author Roberto Valenzuela has achieved enormous success with his Picture Perfect series: Picture Perfect Practice, Picture Perfect Posing, and Picture Perfect Lighting. In those books, Roberto demonstrated his immense and unique talent for developing clear and concise systems that help photographers break through barriers to become better practitioners of their craft.

    In Wedding Storyteller: Elevating the Approach to Photographing Wedding Stories, Roberto turns his attention to helping photographers improve their work when shooting weddings. A wedding photographer himself, Roberto has built his wedding business from the ground up based on high-quality imagery that tells a compelling and beautiful story for his clients’ most important day. In Wedding Storyteller, Roberto discusses his journey and shares his system for creating images that both stand alone and also work with other images to become a sum greater than their parts. In the end, Wedding Storyteller gives you all the tools you need to be able to photograph amazing images and craft masterful stories filled with beauty and meaning for your clients.

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