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Tone Poems – Book 2

Bruce Barnbaum / Judith Cohen

Tone Poems – Book 2

Opuses 4, 5 & 6

Print List Price: $ 79.95
120 pages | Hardbound with Dust Cover, 12 x 12.25 in.
ISBN: 978-0-971771-53-6
October 2012

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This is the second of Bruce Barnbaum’s Tone Poems books. It continues his study of our world—and the visual world he has created—with 91 stunning black-and-white photographs in three more opuses. As its title implies, Opus 4, “Between Real and Surreal,” deals with aspects of our world that border on otherworldly—the weird, the strange, the bizarre. Opus 5, “Aftermath,” is a study of the aftermath—from death to rebirth—of two major chaparral fires that struck Southern California on October 23, 1978, charring 30,000 acres. Opus 6, “Among the Trees,” is part of Bruce’s continuing life-long study of trees, without which the earth would be an entirely different place.

    Tone Poems: Book 2 is accompanied by a CD of classical piano music, in the continuing collaboration between Bruce and pianist Judith Cohen. Once again, solo and trio music was selected to support each opus by mirroring its emotional content.

    Also included is an introduction by photographer, author, critic, and teacher Bill Jay (1940–2009).

    Originally published by Photographic Arts Editions, now distributed by Rocky Nook.

    Target group:

    • Photographers , Artists


    Bruce Barnbaum, of Granite Falls, WA, began photography as a hobbyist in the 1960s, and after four decades, it is still his hobby. Photography has also been his life’s work for the past 40 years.

    Bruce’s educational background includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics from UCLA. After working for several years as a mathematical analyst and computer programmer for missile guidance systems, he abruptly left the field and turned to photography.

    Bruce is recognized as one of the finest darkroom printers on this planet, both for his exceptional black-and-white work, as well as for his color imagery. He understands light to an extent rarely found and combines this understanding with mastery of composition, applying his knowledge to an extraordinarily wide range of subject matter.

    Bruce has authored several books, some of which have become classics. His early publication of The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression (first published in1994 and going out of print in 2002) was updated, revamped, and newly released in late 2010 by Rocky Nook. This new book became an instant bestseller and is sure to remain a classic for years to come.

    Bruce has been an active environmental advocate for more than three decades, both independently and through his involvement and leadership with organizations such as the Sierra Club, the National Audubon Society, the Mountain Loop Conservancy, Futurewise, and the North Cascades Conservation Council.

    Judith Cohen, also from Chicago, began playing the piano in 1961 at the age of 5, and studied at the Chicago Musical College until the age of 18. She was the First Prize Winner in the 1984 Pacific International Piano Competition, prompting jury chair Dr. Bela Nagy to call her “one of the five best pianists I’ve heard in the last fifteen years.” In 1985, she was the only American of eight pianists chosen to perform in the public master classes of Maestro Aldo Ciccolini in Bari, Italy. Following a 1985 recital in Mexico City, critic Robert Somerlott of the Mexico City Daily News wrote, “Judith Cohen captivated the audience with both her musicianship and stage presence, proving herself an artist of unusual talent.”
    Judith released her first commercial recording, an all-Prokofiev album, in 1988 on the Byzantium label. In 2000, she released three compact disks of 20th century piano music for Pear Records, and in the spring of 2003, Capstone Records released a live-concert recording titled “In Tandem: Music for Two Pianos,” performed by Ms. Cohen and pianist Jill Timmons.
    Since 1989, Judith Cohen has served as Artistic Director of the Governor’s Chamber Music Series in Washington, planning and performing in chamber music concerts throughout the Pacific Northwest. She made her European debut in April 2002 with two solo recitals in Budapest, Hungary.