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Tone Poems – Book 2

Bruce Barnbaum, Judith Cohen

Tone Poems – Book 2

Opuses 4, 5 & 6

$79.95 $35.00$79.95
SKU: 257

120 pages | Hardbound with Dust Cover, 12 x 12.25 in.

ISBN: 978-0-971771-53-6

October 2012

Print Book: $79.95

Bruce Barnbaum’s Author Page

Judith Cohen’s Author Page

  • Description

    Product Description

    This is the second of Bruce Barnbaum’s Tone Poems books. It continues his study of our world—and the visual world he has created—with 91 stunning black-and-white photographs in three more opuses. As its title implies, Opus 4, “Between Real and Surreal,” deals with aspects of our world that border on otherworldly—the weird, the strange, the bizarre. Opus 5, “Aftermath,” is a study of the aftermath—from death to rebirth—of two major chaparral fires that struck Southern California on October 23, 1978, charring 30,000 acres. Opus 6, “Among the Trees,” is part of Bruce’s continuing life-long study of trees, without which the earth would be an entirely different place.

    Tone Poems: Book 2 is accompanied by a CD of classical piano music, in the continuing collaboration between Bruce and pianist Judith Cohen. Once again, solo and trio music was selected to support each opus by mirroring its emotional content.

    Also included is an introduction by photographer, author, critic, and teacher Bill Jay (1940–2009).

    Originally published by Photographic Arts Editions, now distributed by Rocky Nook.

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