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Three Songs, No Flash!

Loe Beerens

Three Songs, No Flash!

Your Ultimate Guide to Concert Photography

SKU: 127

152 pages | Hardbound, 8.5 x 8.5 in.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-48-2

December 2009

Print Book: $24.95

Loe Beerens’s Author Page

  • Description

    Product Description

    Author Loe Beerens, a veteran photographer on the international concert scene, relates his experience in and knowledge of all the important aspects of planning and photographing concerts of all kinds. From punk to classical and everything in between, Loe covers how the music industry is organized, how to gain access, the right people to befriend, and the proper etiquette of concert photography.

    From preparation to equipment selection, the reader will learn how to make the most of those three songs from this richly illustrated book. Shooting techniques for each of the major musical instruments are covered, as well as capturing the peak action, post-production techniques, shooting in low light, and marketing your images.

    Whether you are a photography enthusiast, a working professional, or just a lover of music, you will benefit from this informative guide.