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The VueScan Bible

Sascha Steinhoff

The VueScan Bible

Everything You Need to Know for Perfect Scanning


Print List Price: $ 34.95
176 pages | Soft Cover, 8 x 10 in.
ISBN: 978-1-933952-69-7
June 2011

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  • Description

    Product Description

    VueScan is one of the world’s most widely used software interfaces for digitizing film and prints on flatbed and film scanners. This powerful yet affordable program supports over 1,600 scanners and more than 300 digital camera RAW and scan RAW file types. It is the only scanning program that supports Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

    VueScan’s basic functions allow you to restore color, add sharpening filters, adjust white balance, and batch-scan multiple images. Additional features like multi-sampling and multiexposure expand the functionality of almost any scanner beyond what you can achieve with the manufacturer’s software.

    VueScan also provides output to a variety of image formats including TIFF, JPEG, scan RAW, and searchable PDF files, and even allows output to several formats simultaneously. The Pro version includes advanced options for color management and scan RAW output, making it a bargain compared to competing software.

    The VueScan Bible is the missing manual for both new and experienced users of VueScan. Sascha Steinhoff, author of the best-selling book Scanning Negatives and Slides 2nd Edition, guides you through each of the program’s features and teaches you how to make the most of them. This book is the indispensable resource for anyone who is serious about achieving stunning image quality from scanned images.

    Topics include:
    • Initial setup and color management
    • Resolution and scanning
    • File formats for archiving
    • Scanning different media types
    • Scanning workflows

    Target group:

    • Photographers, Printers, Designers


    Sascha Steinhoff is a computer expert by training and a photographer by passion. He used several rainy seasons in Galway, Ireland to learn everything he needed to know about scanners and scanning software. He soon realized that a good scan requires as much work and know-how as a good camera shot, and that a scanning workflow is essential to get the job done efficiently.

    Sascha recently gave up his position as an editor of a leading German technical magazine to move to Bangkok, Thailand, where he is currently working as a freelance journalist and project manager.