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Plateaus and Canyons

Bruce Barnbaum

Plateaus and Canyons

Impressions of the American Southwest

SKU: 222

220 pages | Soft Cover, 10 x 10 in.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-91-8

November 2011

Print Book: $44.95

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Spanning across the borders of four states is the Colorado Plateau, a region that boasts an amazing diversity of landforms. Over the past forty years, master photographer Bruce Barnbaum has visited this region repeatedly—sometimes several times a year, often staying as long as a month each time. During these visits he has discovered an endless array of awe-inspiring subjects to photograph.

    Although widely known for his black-and-white images, Barnbaum has been quietly capturing color images all along. Finally, his stunning images have been published in his first book of color photographs.

    Photographed with the eye of a true artist are the remarkable colors of Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Factory Butte, Colorado River Plateau, White Cliffs, Painted Desert, and so many other locations. Barnbaum’s images reveal the hues and layers of the various minerals found throughout the region and the breathtaking landforms that were created over millions of years of faulting, folding, uplifting, and being buried under seas.

    In a series of short essays throughout the book, Barnbaum shares his stories, thoughts, and feelings about this majestic territory—from his first introduction to the “Canyon Country” in 1975, when it was little-known and rarely photographed, through the changes he witnessed over the years as more and more people visited the area, and finally to the irreversible effects the multitudes have had on it.

    These 95 full-page color photographs, each with an accompanying description, are certain to captivate, inspire, and above all, encourage a new appreciation of the wonder of our planet.

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