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Photography Unplugged

Harald Mante

Photography Unplugged

SKU: 132

208 pages | Hardbound with Dust Cover, 9.45 x 11.815 in.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-47-5

September 2009

Print Book: $49.95

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Harald Mante is regarded as one of the outstanding contemporary photographers in Germany. He started out as a travel photographer whose work was published in numerous magazines and books and later taught photography in the tradition of the Bauhaus school of design, applying image and color composition concepts to photography.

    This book is meant to present the wealth of Mante’s photographic work and at the same time to advocate a pure, straight approach to photography, untouched by digital image editing tools — uncropped and unmodified captures of scenes as seen through the viewfinder.

    Photography Unplugged is meant to sound a voice which is singing to a slightly different tune than the digital photography choir.

    Harald Mante’s photographs, all captured on Kodachrome’s legendary slide films, will inspire beginners and expert photographers alike, and will reveal the beauty and magic of masterfully composed photography.