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Mastering the Nikon D3000

Darrell Young

Mastering the Nikon D3000

SKU: 159

392 pages | Soft Cover, 6 x 9 in.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-59-8

April 2010

Print and eBook Bundle: $44.95
Print Book: $34.95
eBook: $27.99

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Mastering the Nikon D3000 by Darrell Young is a comprehensive guide for owners of this newest, budget-friendly generation of Nikon digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

    The small, easy-to-carry D3000 is powerful in its ability to offer guided automatic camera operation, but also allows for full manual control when desired. Nikon’s method for packing all that power into such a small, affordable package was to use hardware and software solutions found in Nikon’s upper-tier DSLR’s, and then to expand the user interface with extra menu options never seen before. Deciphering those options (which in some cases allow for three different methods to achieve the same result) was a challenge. If the new menus and screen information available with the D3000 prove difficult for you to navigate, consider this book to be your “3000 Rosetta Stone”.

    Darrell cuts through the camera’s complexity with explanations of every button, dial, switch, and menu on the camera with a friendly and advisory tone, like an old friend stopping by to discuss a favorite topic of mutual interest. He goes beyond just describing how the camera works by providing personal recommendations on how and when to use each function.

    Darrell understands that many owners of the D3000 may be just entering into the world of DSLR cameras; therefore he takes time to guide them through some of the basics of photography, while also leading them through more complex topics. Readers will be able to develop as photographers with the D3000—progressing from camera-controlled automatic operation to user-managed manual control.

    Mastering the Nikon D3000 is the most recent volume in Rocky Nook’s highly successful NikoniansPress series of books.