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Mastering Landscape Photography

Alain Briot

Mastering Landscape Photography

The Luminous Landscape Essays

SKU: 43

256 pages | Soft Cover, 8 x 10 in.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-06-2

November 2006

Print Book: $39.95

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Mastering Landscape Photography consists of thirteen essays on landscape photography by master photographer Alain Briot.

    Topics include practical, technical, and aesthetic aspects of photography to help photographers build and refine their skills. This book starts with the technical aspects of photography; how to see, compose, find the right light, and select the best lens for a specific shot. It continues by focusing on the artistic aspects of photography with chapters on how to select your best work, how to create a portfolio, and finally concludes with two chapters on how to be an artist in business.

    Alain Briot is one of today’s leading contemporary landscape photographers. He received his education in France and currently works mostly in the southwestern part of the United States. Alain Briot is a columnist on the highly respected Luminous Landscape website.