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Great Photos Simple Cameras

Bernd Daub

Great Photos Simple Cameras

From Holga to Pinhole: An Alternative Approach to Creative Photography

SKU: 235

304 pages | Soft Cover, 6.69 x 9.45 (170 x 240mm) in.

ISBN: 978-1-937538-02-6

August 2012

Print and eBook Bundle: $44.95
Print Book: $34.95
eBook: $27.99

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  • Description

    Product Description

    When we look at everyday life, we realize that it is far from easy. Indeed, we are often confronted with the opposite: complicated instead of simple; demanding instead of effortless.

    As photographers, we face a similar situation in regard to our chosen hobby. The camera and computer are wonderful technical instruments, but their growing complexity can sometimes detract from the joy we find when we engage in creative work.

    In this book, author Bernd Daub shows us that simplicity works. He describes that with simple camera techniques, traditional film, and some imagination we can create ambitious artwork. This book teaches us how to focus our attention on the motivation behind our chosen image and develop a strong impact without the need for high-tech equipment and flawless exposures.

    Learn about a variety of reasonably priced, low-tech cameras—such as the Holga, Diana, and Blackbird—as well as single-use cameras, the good old Agfa-Box, and the pinhole camera. For price-conscious beginners and intermediate photographers with high-quality equipment, this book provides ideas for alternative techniques without large investments. You’ll discover many new possibilities as you foster your creativity.