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David Buschs Sony Alpha a6000/ILCE-6000 Guide to Digital Photography

David D. Busch

David Buschs Sony Alpha a6000/ILCE-6000 Guide to Digital Photography

SKU: 1093

368 pages | Soft Cover, 7 3/8 x 9 1/8 in.

ISBN: 9781681981901

August 2016

Print and eBook Bundle: $49.99
Print Book: $39.95
eBook: $31.99

David Busch’s Author Page

  • Description

    Product Description

    The best-selling and universally-praised bible for the Sony Alpha a6000 is finally back in print! David Busch’s Sony a6000 Guide to Digital Photography is your all-in-one resource and reference for the Sony Alpha a6000, and now it’s available in both printed and ebook form from Rocky Nook. The top-ranking a6000 mirrorless camera features expanded ISO settings to 25,600, a high-resolution 24MP sensor, fast 11 fps maximum shooting rate, and a high resolution electronic viewfinder. With this book in hand, you will explore the world of digital photography, develop your creativity, and take great photographs with the Sony a6000. With clear how-to steps and full-color illustrations, David Busch’s Sony a6000 Guide to Digital Photography covers all the camera’s features in depth, from taking your first photos through advanced details of setup, exposure, lenses, lighting, and more, and relates each feature to specific photographic techniques and situations. Also included is the handy a6000 “roadmap,” an easy-to-use visual guide to the camera’s features and controls. With David Busch as your guide and mentor, you’ll be in full creative control, whether you’re shooting on the job, as an advanced hobbyist, or are just out for fun. Start building your knowledge, creativity, and confidence with the Sony a6000 today.

  • Table of Contents
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Getting Started with Your Sony a6000
    • Your Out-of-Box Experience
    • Initial Setup
    • Selecting a Shooting Mode
    • Choosing a Metering Mode
    • Choosing a Focus Mode
    • Selecting a Focus Area
    • Other Settings
    • An Introduction to Movie Making
    • Reviewing the Images Youve Taken
    • Switching Between Still and Movie Playback
    • Transferring Files to Your Computer
    • Chapter 2
    • Sony a6000 Roadmap
    • Front View
    • The Sony a6000s Business End
    • LCD Panel Data Displays
    • Going Topside
    • Underneath Your Sony a6000
    • Chapter 3
    • Camera Settings and Custom Settings Menus
    • Anatomy of the Menus
    • Camera Settings Menu
    • Custom Settings Menu
    • Chapter 4
    • Application, Playback, and Setup Menus
    • Application Menu
    • Playback Menu
    • Setup Menu
    • Chapter 5
    • Shooting Modes and Exposure Control
    • Getting a Handle on Exposure
    • How the a6000 Calculates Exposure
    • The Importance of ISO
    • Choosing a Metering Method
    • Choosing an Exposure Mode
    • Exposure Bracketing
    • Dealing with Digital Noise
    • Exposure Evaluation with Histograms
    • Automatic and Specialized Shooting Modes
    • Chapter 6
    • Mastering the Autofocus Options
    • Getting into Focus
    • Focus Pocus
    • Useful Menu Items for AF
    • Chapter 7
    • Advanced Shooting
    • Exploring Ultra-Fast Exposures
    • Long Exposures
    • Delayed Exposures
    • Continuous Shooting
    • Setting Image Parameters
    • Image Processing
    • Chapter 8
    • Movie Making
    • Some Fundamentals
    • Preparing to Shoot Video
    • Stop That!
    • Tips for Shooting Better Video
    • Chapter 9
    • Working with Lenses
    • Dont Forget the Crop Factor
    • Choosing a Lens
    • What Lenses Can Do for You
    • Categories of Lenses
    • Using Wide-Angle Lenses
    • Using Telephoto and Tele-Zoom Lenses
    • Fine-Tuning the Focus of Your Lenses
    • Chapter 10
    • Making Light Work for You
    • Continuous Illumination versus Electronic Flash
    • Continuous Lighting Basics
    • Electronic Flash Basics
    • Using an External Electronic Flash
    • Chapter 11
    • Using Wi-Fi
    • Making a Wi-Fi Connection
    • Wi-Fi Functions
    • Index

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