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Press Release - The Nikon Creative Lighting System, 3rd Edition


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Santa Barbara, CA— 2015

Explore the Possibilities of Flash Photography with The Nikon Creative Lighting System, 3rd Edition
There’s more to your camera than you ever imagined. In this newly updated edition of The Nikon Creative Lighting System, Mike Hagen opens up a whole new world to photographers who may be well versed in photography, but might not have a grasp on flash photography.

With new and rapidly evolving technology, flash photography (especially advanced light modeling with modern iTTL flash systems) has become an art in itself and should be mastered by all aspiring photographers—amateurs as well as professionals. But they often miss out on using the full potential of these systems.

Using a simple, step-by-step method for setting up and using the newest Nikon iTTL flash units, Mike teaches all the steps required to achieve consistent and amazing flash photos. He solves the common frustrations associated with flash and teaches readers how to use the SB-500, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910, and R1C1 strobes. Also included is a chapter showing system configuration so readers can duplicate the desired results on their own.

Beginning at a basic level and progressing to more advanced techniques, Mike teaches everything you need to know about mastering Nikon’s iTTL flash system.

Those looking to broaden their photographic capabilities to include effective flash techniques should look no further than Mike Hagen’s updated, comprehensive guide.

About the Author: 
Mike Hagen is an avid adventurer who combines his passion for the outdoors with excellence in photography. He is a skilled digital photography instructor, location photographer, class leader, and editorial writer.

Mike started his photography business in 1998 as a way to share his passion for photography with the rest of the world. He is well known for his intensity, energy, and enthusiasm. If you participate in a workshop with him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his generosity and passion for imparting his knowledge to all participants.

Based in Washington State, USA, Mike has traveled extensively throughout the world. Travel and adventure are his passion, so you’ll frequently find him somewhere far away from civilization, camera in hand, having a ball in the outdoors.

Mike has worn many hats in his lifetime. He graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in Semiconductor Manufacturing for 10 years. He is currently a small-business owner, freelance writer, and professional photographer. His passions are traveling, creating, writing, photography, and teaching. He is happily married and the father of two beautiful children.

Mike aspires to live life to the fullest and to help others do the same. His enthusiasm and zest for life are infectious. His devotion to God and family guides everything he does.

Additional Information

Mike Hagen


Using the SB-500, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910, and R1C1 Flashes

Print List Price: $ 39.95
336 pages | Soft Cover, 6 x 9 in.
ISBN: 978-1-937538-66-8
May 2015

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