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Press Release - One Flash! Great Photography with Just One Light


New Release from Rocky Nook – Contact: Rocky Nook, Inc. — (805) 687-8727 — Press@rockynook.com

Santa Barbara, CA— 2015


26 Photography Workshops Prove Amazing Images are Possible Using Just One Light!

In the newly released One Flash: Great Photography with Just One Light, author Tilo Gockel unveils the photographic capabilities that can be achieved by using only one light. In this book, flash photography pro Tilo Gockel teaches the secrets to capturing beautifully lit images with just one flash! Not only that, he also describes how eliminating the use of complex flash systems can be wonderfully liberating for photographers.

The first section of the book provides a crash course in flash photography, covering lighting techniques, equipment, and understanding the nuances of flash lighting. Then, through a series of 26 workshops covering everything from people to objects to food to special techniques, Tilo demonstrates exactly how it’s done.

Included are example images, lighting diagrams, setup instructions, and even post-processing tips. You’ll learn how a single flash can not only illuminate, but also add color and project patterns on a scene, and how easy it is to turn a single flash into multiple light sources using reflectors and mirrors to multiply and redirect the flash. You will also learn how to use the flash detached from the camera’s hot shoe and how to repeatedly fire the flash for special effects.
Tilo’s practical style and simple explanations of technology will enable you to get started quickly with flash photography and to achieve fantastic results.

About the author:

Tilo Gockel is a photographer and an expert in the field of flash lighting. He has published countless articles on photography and image processing in popular magazines (DOCMA, DigitalPHOTO) and has written numerous books. His blog, fotopraxis.net, provides techniques and teachings based on his years of experience as a professional photographer. 

One Flash! Great Photography with Just One Light

Tilo Gockel

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1-937538-71-2, 232 pages

Soft Cover 8″x10″

$39.95 US, $41.95 CA

eBook available July 2015

Print available September 2015

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