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Press Release- Learning to Photograph vol.1/vol.2


Release from Rocky Nook

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Santa Barbara, CA— August 29, 2013

Sold separately, the two volumes of the Learning to Photograph series give photographers essential information about technique and design as well as an understanding of the big concepts of photography.

In the first volume, authors Cora and Georg Banek focus on the basics of camera technology: optics and exposure. They begin with an overview of these technical elements before going into depth about how cameras and lenses work and how they influence one another. Building on this foundation, the authors show readers how to apply what they have learned in order to create effective images and to successfully achieve their vision.

The second volume addresses visual design and composition. Topics covered include managing light, color and its effects, sharpness and blur, shapes and lines, and much more. Readers will learn which techniques to use to design their images, and how to train their photographic eye. They will develop the ability to strengthen the message of their images, hone their photographic style, and analyze their own work and the work of others.

These two volumes combined offer a firm foundation in the hard skills (equipment and technical issues) and the soft skills (composition, seeing, and design) of photography. Beginning and advanced photographers alike will find the content of each of these books instructive, thoroughly explained, and effectively illustrated, making them essential resources for readers to develop their craft.

About the authors:

Cora Banek has been photographing since 2002. Her craft is unique in that she almost always has the finished, edited image in her mind when she releases the shutter. She opts to shoot infrequently but with great intention and purpose. Cora’s diverse photographic interests include portrait, beauty, fashion, nude, erotic, and floral photography. Top quality color management is a part of her daily craft, which she produces consistently for initial exposures, fine-art prints, and everything in between.

Her award-winning photography has been exhibited in international competitions.

Cora works as a freelance graphic designer and photo editor. Together with Georg, she writes for magazine and book publishers and develops concepts for educational materials about photography. She directs the contract photography curriculum for the artist’s workshop at Artepictura®.

Georg Banek has been photographing since 1984. His style is characterized by loud colors and off-kilter perspectives. His attention to detail is common across his portrait, lifestyle, erotic, nude, travel, and detail photography. He sees subjects in everyday scenes that others tend to miss, and he excels at capturing these details with a spontaneous and instinctive shooting style.

For the past five years, Georg and Cora have written for photography textbooks and magazines. Georg has devised structured courses for the study of photography at the college in Rhein-Main, the photography school at the university in Lüneburg, and Artepictura® Academy. He is currently earning a teaching degree in Media Management in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Learning to Photograph – Volume 1

Camera, Equipment, and Basic Photographic Techniques

Cora Banek and Georg Banek

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1-937538-20-0, 256 pages, $39.95 US, $41.95 CA Soft Cover 8″x10″

Learning to Photograph – Volume 2

Visual Concepts and Composition

Cora Banek and Georg Banek

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1-937538-21-7, 256 pages, $39.95 US, $41.95 CA Soft Cover 8″x10″

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Rocky Nook is a leading publisher of books written by photographers for photographers. Rocky Nook boasts over 100 titles by renowned authors from around the world covering a variety of photography topics, including composition, fine art, cutting-edge technology, and instruction manuals. Rocky Nook titles deliver premiere content that helps beginning through professional photographers master the art, craft, and technology of photography.

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