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Press Release - David Busch’s Sony a77 II Guide to Digital Photography


New Release from Rocky Nook – Contact: Rocky Nook, Inc. — (805) 687-8727 — Press@rockynook.com

Santa Barbara, CA–August, 2015

New from Rocky Nook and David Busch: Your All-in-One Comprehensive Resource for the Sony a77 II Camera!

David_Busch_Sony_Alpha-a77_II_C1-Rocky Nook is excited to announce their new relationship with camera guide guru, David Busch. In his first book with Rocky Nook, David Busch’s Sony a77 II Guide to Digital Photography, David covers all the features of the Sony a77 II camera in depth; from taking your first photos through advanced details of setup, exposure, lens selection, lighting, and more, and he relates each feature to specific photographic techniques and situations. Also included is the handy a77 II “roadmap,” an easy-to-use visual guide to the camera’s features and controls. Learn when to use each option and, more importantly, when not to use them, by following the author’s recommended settings for every menu item.

With best-selling photographer and mentor David Busch as your guide, you’ll quickly have full mastery of your camera’s capabilities, whether you’re shooting on the job, as an advanced enthusiast, or are just out for fun. Explore the world of digital photography, develop your creativity, and take great photographs with your a77 II with help from David Busch. This book is sure to help build your knowledge and confidence, while bringing your vision to light with the Sony a77 II.

About the author:

With more than two million books in print, David D. Busch is the world’s #1 best-selling camera guide author, with more than 100 guidebooks for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, and Panasonic cameras, as well as many popular books devoted to digital photography and imaging techniques. His best-sellers include Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies, which has sold more than 300,000 copies in five editions, and Mastering Digital SLR Photography, now in its fourth edition.

The graduate of Kent State University is a former newspaper reporter/photographer, and operated his own commercial photo studio, shooting sports, weddings, portraits, fashion, architecture, product photography, and travel images. For 22 years he was a principal in CCS/PR, Inc., one of the largest public relations/marketing firms based in San Diego. His 2500 articles and accompanying photos have appeared inside and on the covers of hundreds of magazines, including Popular Photography, Rangefinder, and Professional Photographer.

For the last decade, Busch has devoted much of his time to sharing his photographic expertise, both in publications, and in seminars/workshops he hosts at the Cleveland Photographic Society School of Photography. He has been a call-in guest for 21 different radio shows nationally and in major markets.

With a total of more than 200 books to his credit, Busch has had as many as five books appear simultaneously in the Amazon.com Top 25 Digital Photography Books, and when Michael Carr of About.com named the top five digital photography books for beginners, the initial #1 and #2 choices were Busch’s Digital Photography All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies and Mastering Digital Photography. His work has been translated into Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, German, Italian, French, and other languages. Busch’s Web portal is www.dslrguides.com

David Busch’s Sony Alpha A77 II/ILCA-77M2

Guide to Digital Photography

David Busch

Published by Rocky Nook

978-1-68198-015-7, 416 pages

Soft Cover 7″ x 9 1/8″

Print list price $39.95 US, $44.95 CA

eBook list price $31.99

eBook edition available August 2015

Print edition available September 2015

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