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The Art of iPhone Photography

125th Dan Burkholder will teach us that lurking inside the iPhone is one of the most inspiring, capable, and fun imaging systems in all of photography. More than just a snapshot device, the iPhone is a powerful, creative tool for creating art right in the palms of our hands. We now have camera, darkroom, and—as Jerry Uelsmann would say—Visual Research Laboratory, all in our shirt pocket! Liberated from rushing home to our computers, we can shoot and process our images in the field, learning what works (and what doesn’t) to make our captures match our vision.

Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder Dan Burkholder has been teaching digital imaging workshops for 17 years at venues spanning three continents and several island countries. His award-winning book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing (Bladed Iris Press, 1995), became a standard resource in the fine-art photography community. Dan’s latest book, The Color of Loss (University of Texas Press, 2008), intimately documents the flooded interiors of post-Katrina New Orleans and is the first coffee table book shot entirely using HDR methods. Dan’s new book, iPhone Artistry (Pixiq Press, 2011), is the most comprehensive how-to book for artistic iPhone photographers.

Dan’s workshops are famous for their energy, information and humor.