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Evangelist Program Requirements

The Rocky Nook Evangelist Program was designed in order to work with photography enthusiasts to organically spread the word about the Rocky Nook brand and its collection of photography books. The goal is to work with you to provide books that align with your interests and passions, making them easy to broadcast to your audience. After completing the Evangelist Form we will review your credentials based on the following:

  • Ability to provide a valid website or blog where content will be shared
  • Ability to provide valid, current social media handles
  • Ability to communicate why you would make a great Evangelist (aka, your “elevator pitch”)

Should you be approved as an Evangelist (go you!) then we require the following:

  • Review of each book posted to amazon.com in a timely manner
  • Link of each amazon book review emailed to Rocky Nook Evangelist Program coordinator
  • 1 book review per month posted to personal blog and/or website
  • 5 monthly Tweets
  • 2 monthly Facebook Posts
  • 1 monthly Instagram Post
  • Participation in the Rocky Nook Affiliate Program, which includes coupons and banners to share with your network (plus you’ll receive 10% of these sales)

Sound good? Click here to sign up!

Please email us at promos@rockynook.com if you have any questions!