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Driving Miss Camera by Guy Tal

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found. —James Russell Lowell

In order for photography of natural things to enter the realm of the fine arts, it must first be acknowledged that, before assuming any meaning, photographs are products of machines; that natural phenomena are products of forces independent of, and oblivious to, the emotions and significance ascribed to them by human beings; and that art is a manufactured product of the human mind. Therefore, the photographic artist’s task is to find a way to relate these notions to one another in a balanced and meaningful way.


A Letter from Us on Shop Small Saturday

It’s Shop Small Saturday this week, and while most of you will be off enjoying time with family and friends, there will be a large group of Americans who have left their families to assume a position behind the counter at their local shop, restaurant, coffee house, you-name-it. These are the people who wake up at 5 a.m. to beat the first customer to the door, the ones that will stay open late because they know the 6:10 bus is running behind, but Mr. Smith needs his dry cleaning for tomorrow. They are the people who not only understand how important the little things in life are, but that they come with hard work.

Eight New Books in Time for the Holidays!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to start searching for great gifts for all the guys and gals on your list. While we can’t help you pick out the best new booties for mom or the right putter for dad, we do have a handle on what you might snag for the photographer on your list. Scroll down to see what’s new and exciting from Rocky Nook. Choose to wrap up a book or two, they won’t be disappointed!


Scott Kelby’s Guide to Lightroom’s Print Module

Lightroom Guru, best-selling author, photographer, and all-around stellar guy, Scott Kelby shares his tips for preparing your photos for printing using Lightroom’s Print Module. So sit back, rexlax, and enjoy Scott Kelby’s Guide to Lightroom’s Print Module!

Finding Inspiration from Daily Life

Have you ever thought of finding photographic inspiration and valid subject matter in the place where you spend much of your day? Is there any aspect of your daily work that is of visual interest to you? Do you work with others in an office, store, laboratory, or some other place where you may have the opportunity to photograph those working with you? I know of medical doctors who have asked their patients if they would be willing to be photographed. In many cases, the patients are not only willing to pose, but are actually thrilled that their doctor has taken such deep interest in them.