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Rocky Nook to donate 100% of online sales to Northern California Fire Relief

Customers save 35% and support a great cause.

As many of you know, Rocky Nook is proud to be located in Northern California, just outside of San Francisco. Over the past couple weeks our community has been devastated by wildfires that have taken lives, displaced families, and destroyed homes and businesses. Today, more than ever before, we feel fortunate to be part of this beautiful, caring supportive community – and we want to help.

Earlier this week, our team got together to discuss what we can to do help the community recover from these terrible fires. As a small company, we struggled with what we can do that will make a real difference. We decided that, on top of what each of us can do individually, the best thing we can do as a company is to raise money to support those impacted!

Maternity Posing – Techniques to Flatter Everyone

Excerpt from The Photographer’s Guide to Posing by Lindsay Adler – coming soon!



MASTERING Your Craft: Maternity Posing

All Rules of Posing and Perspective Still Apply

Just because a pregnant subject may look wider, it does not mean that she wants to look heavier or without other feminine curves. You can still use all of the rules of posing, lens choice, and camera angle to bring out the best in your subject.