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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Beyond the Classroom

The last job I had in Southern California was running a graphics department for the National Association of Underwater Instructors. I handled most of the topside photography, but for really complicated jobs, we hired a commercial photographer who had set

Discover “The Grey Ghost” by Dan Winters

This fine art photography book features the remarkable, personal work of Dan Winters, one of today’s most respected photographers. We encourage you to see for yourself what The Grey Ghost: New York City Photographs has to offer. About The Grey Ghost by Dan Winters

Get to Know Chris Marquardt

Since a young age Chris Marquardt, co-author of The Film Photography Handbook, has immersed himself in the art and craft of photography. This week, we chatted about his foray into film, the pros and cons of the medium, and of course, how he’s remained

Why I Love Teaching Kids Photography

I have two boys of my own, and we share a lot of common interests. But photography isn’t one of them. So a couple years ago I started tutoring junior high and high school kids in the basics of image