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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Professional Quality Food Photography Tips

Food photography is a lot of fun. Virtually everyone reacts positively to great food photos, and it is an appetizing genre full of variety. If you are a hobby cook, food shoots can be really exciting, and educational too. One

Talk to Your Portrait Subject

It’s so easy to become immersed in aperture settings, depth of field, white balance, and exposure, that we forget we’re working with a person on the other side of the lens. Someone who might be wondering during our periods of

Creating Artwork That Customers Want to Buy

Uniqueness sells.  Customers like to buy artwork that is original, different, and unexpected. The unique aspects of your work are some of your most important selling assets. To achieve this you will need to work hard at developing a personal

Street Photography—Capturing “Magic” Moments

Henri Cartier-Bresson, who documented life on the streets of Paris in the twentieth century, was continually looking through his camera for The Decisive Moment. As described by Gordon Lewis, street photographer and author of Rocky Nook’s new book, Street Photography:

Photography and the Importance of Planning

“Without a Map, You Won’t Reach Your Destination” Good photography planning is essential for a successful photo shoot. While it’s great to keep your camera ready at all times and not to let it languish in your camera bag, you still

Notes on the Palm Springs Photo Festival

… or What I Learned at Home Depot A couple of weeks ago I attended the Palm Springs Photo Festival in southern California. It was the festival’s tenth year, and Jeff Dunas and his staff put together a top-notch event. The festival