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Monthly Archives: April 2015

7 Tips to Add Variety to Your Travel Photography

Nothing but chocolate, all day every day? Sounds enticing, but eventually it will all start to taste the same. With photography, we can run into a similar sort of problem: If you shoot from the same perspective, with the same

Get Intentional with Street Photography

There’s little doubt that street photography is more popular, at least among photographers, than it has ever been. It’s certainly one of today’s most popular photo genres. Do a Google search on the term “street photography” and you’ll come up

Five Tips for Capturing the Right Moment

On the lookout photographers require a hunter’s instinct—not unlike those instincts possessed by some of our favorite subjects: cats make excellent models to follow. Their patience ensures the successful pursuit of a mouse or bird. Patience is necessary for photography: sometimes you have

HDR Merging for All

When I first tested the Merge to HDR function in Lightroom CC, I thought to myself, “There must be something missing. HDR is supposed to be complicated, with uncomfortable options such as edge glow.” But everything was there. Adobe was

Using High-Powered DSLRs to Capture the Night Sky

Today’s high-end DSLRs have made it possible to capture the night sky that were simply impossible in the film era. Film lacked the sensitivity to record the night sky as we see it, with apparently stationary stars. Exposures on even

Where Do You Go for Inspiration?

If your life is anything like mine, you spend a lot of time online. I visit dozens of websites daily to shop, surf, and work. Practically anything I want to know is there waiting for me. Personally, I like it.