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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Leica I Always Wanted

Two cameras I wanted during my late 20s, yet still early in my career, were the Leica M and the Hasselblad 500C. The Leica was a natural for me. I was a newspaper stringer who jumped from one story to

The Art of Storytelling

A Visit with Photojournalist Gerd Ludwig Gerd Ludwig is one of the few internationally renowned photojournalists; a member of the core team at National Geographic; founder of Visum, one of the earliest photography agencies in Europe; recipient of the 2006

Seeing the World One Frame at a Time

The first time I remember experiencing the zone was on a hike through the San Gabriel Wilderness in Southern California. I was walking along a trail with camera in hand, as I had done many times before. But on this

Personalizing the Panasonic LX100

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time to assess how you shoot with your camera and revisit its options and function buttons to best serve your shooting style and preferences. (Or is this just something I do?)

Choosing the Right Lens for a Photo Project

Choosing the right lens or lenses is one of the most important photographic decisions you can make. Nothing affects the quality of a photo more than the lens. Many first-time buyers of DSLRs don’t venture past the basic lens included

Visual Peak Experiences in Photography

My husband is obsessed with “views.” Any and all types of views will suffice; views of mountains, the ocean, rivers, lakes, snowy peaks, meadows full of wildflowers, wooded areas of molting autumnal foliage, desert dunes spotted with hearty wasteland twigs