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Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Best Book for The Photographer on Your List!

Stumped on what to give the photographer on your list? We can understand why. While there is certainly no shortage of gadgets, equipment, software, and accessories to give photographers, choosing the right gift for the photo savvy person in your

Taking a Beautiful Portrait

Taking a Beautiful Portrait- Understanding Facial Analysis, Lighting, Angle, and Lens Selection What do we want and what do our clients want? When taking a portrait, the concern is whether a portrait should be an exact, idealized, or factually correct portrayal of

How to Capture the Best Bird Images

When photographing birds, you will learn that patience is a virtue. This means keeping your activities in your blind (your hiding place) to a minimum. No loud noises or waving your lens around. Birds aren’t always predictable and it may

My Top Ten Images (Right Now)

My Top Ten Images (Right Now) and Why it’s so Hard to Pick and Share Them A few months ago, when I started at Rocky Nook, the folks here asked if I would share a few of my photos on

Flash is Beautiful

During an interview, a second shooter once told me that she didn’t believe in using a flash. I wanted to hire her to help me photograph weddings. So it was important that we come to terms on this issue.