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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tips for Excellent Image Composition

Taken from The Perfect Photo: 71 Tips from the Top, by Elin Rantakrans and Tobias Hagberg A photograph is a reflection of reality, or, to be more exact, a reflection of a part of reality. The composition of a photograph—or

Composing Photographic Art with iPhone Apps

Always on, always at hand, and inconspicuously deployed, today’s smartphones empower us to record the world in ever newer and more personal ways. By leveraging the photo-editing applications found on the iPhone, professional and amateur photographers alike are able to

Experiencing Bruce Barnbaum Live

I’ve had the pleasure of attending two of Bruce Barnbaum’s legendary photography workshops, The High Sierra to Death Valley workshop in Death Valley and Lone Pine, California, in November of 2012, and Fine Art Photography in Heidelberg, Germany, in September